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Biletomat Elektronika I Hate Models & Nashton Rec. x Prozak 2.0

Elektronika: I Hate Models & Nashton Rec. x Prozak 2.0

Bilety na Elektronika

I Hate Models & Nashton Rec. x Prozak 2.0


Pt, 20 października 2017 godz. 23:00


Prozak 2.0
pl. Dominikański 6, 31-043 Kraków


Prozak 2.0


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dostępna do
Pt, 20 paź 2017 20:00

30 PLN



📄I Hate Models w Prozaku!

I Hate Models

start: 23:00

➥➥ PL :

Po wakacyjnej przerwie Nashton Records otwiera jesienny sezon z mocnym bookingiem. Z tej okazji zaprosiliśmy do Krakowa trzech Francuzów. Wraz z I Hate Models, zagrają mieszkający obecnie w Berlinie, fan industrialnych brzmień Hakko, oraz mieszkający w Lyon - Dykore.

I Hate Models
Muzyke I Hate Models charakteryzuje podróż pomiędzy Miłością i Nienawiścia, Ciemnością i Światłem. IHM zazwyczaj łączy zimne, skrzypiące i ciemne dźwięki z bardziej emocjonalnymi partiami, by odkryć bardziej emocjonalną siłę. I Hate Models wydawał w takich wytwórniach jak ARTS, Voitax, T/W/B czy

Bilety :

➥➥ EN :

After holidays Nashton Records is coming back with industrial booking to Prozak 2.0. For this party we invited 3 French producers. Our guest - I Hate Models will be supported by Berlin-based Hakko and coming from Lyon - Dykore. Stay tuned!

➥ I Hate Models (FR) (ARTS / Monnom Black / T/W/B)
Facebook :
SoundCloud :

I Hate Models
I Hate Model's music is characterized by a showdown between Love and Hate, Darkness and
Light. He usually blends cold, creaky and dark sounds with a more emotional side in order to
reveals a sort of melancholy power. I Hate Models has recently released on labels such as
ARTS, Voitax, T/W/B or

➥ Hakko (FR - Berlin-based) (Nashton Records / Grounded)
Facebook :
SoundCloud :

French producer and DJ based in Berlin, Hakko started is solo project in 2016. Mainly influenced by the british old school techno scene, garage music and industrial influences, he likes to mix different inspirations together in order to finalize a rough, punchy but also atmopsheric music which perfectly match with dark techno clubs and warehouses ambiances.
He released on labels like Grounded, Nashton Records, Nocturnal Frequencies, Messe Noire and more. He also participated to a certain number of podcasts and is regulary invited to do remixes.
His project is always evolving and his music can not be defined as only one style, Hakko has no proper direction and only makes what he feels.

➥ Dykore (FR - Lyon) (Nashton Records / Archivio 01)
Facebook :
SoundCloud :

Arthur Perrin, aka Dykore is a young producer and DJ from Lyon. He is currently working as a technical manager at "Le Petit Salon". He had the opportunity to play with artists such as FJAAK, Sigha, Panteros 666 LOUISAHHH !!!, Arnaud Rebotini, Nicolas Cuer Julian Muller or Maxime Dangles.
He has always been passionate about electronic music. He draws is inspiration from the anarchists intonation of Underground Resistance, from raw and cold Regis’s techno and from the fineness of Shifted. He sees music as a dark and powerful universe wich he expresses in his EP "Sens" and "Org.Exp" released in June and August 2015 on Structure and Nashton Records.
Since 2013, he joined the Nashton Records team and collective structure where he is the responsible of the artistic development of EP of the label and the collective programming of the evenings. Already recommended by renowned DJ. You won't stop listening.

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